At Nu Source Solutions we adhere to the most preferred sustainable stewardship methods
when it comes to disposition of assets. If an item can be reused and put back in the parts

or equipment supply chain
then we try and make sure it

is reused. Nu Source has

developed strategic

partnerships with the

industry leaders in

electronics refurbishing and

recycling. When authorized

to do so by our customers

these partners maximize

your return value through

refurbishing and harvesting

units for functional parts.

Our partners have

strategically located

processing facilities

throughout the U.S. If

assets cannot be

refurbished and resold then

they will be processed to the

highest environmental

standards that meet all local, state and federal certifications. We have a No-Landfill-Policy;

our Recycling Partners are ISO 14001: 2004 certified. For these companies to become

certified they have to agree to an accredited, independent third-party auditors that monitor

them and make sure they meet specific standards to safely recycle and manage

electronics. Currently two accredited certification standards exist: the Responsible

Recycling Practices (R2) and the e-Stewards® standards