Asset Disposition


Remember a corporation’s most valuable asset which they cannot afford to dispose of is their brand and reputation. And this is exactly what happens to companies every day when they choose the wrong partner in asset disposition. Our ITAD solutions help protect our clients brand and reputation with data security and strict environmental compliance regulations. We understand that each client has a situation that may be different from someone else but it all boils down to having someone that that will help choose the proper partner.



  When it comes to retiring assets or the disposition of excess, obsolete or overstock and end-of-life assets several things are very important.Years ago it was only about maximizing your return on investment (ROI). In this day and time it is still about ROI, but corporations have to be concerned about other things like their corporate sustainability image. Two of the most important issues are data security and environmental issues.You can get any company to come and handle your assets but it is wise to have a third party like NSS to evaluate the overall corporate partnership for IT Asset Disposition. Our process usually involves working with the IT directors,financial officers, compliance officers and the proposed asset disposition company. The evaluation of the partner that you chose to dispose of your assets can be the most important decision for your corporate reputation.



Some of the questions that need to be answered are


  • Will the vendor that I choose be able to support all my facilities nationally and globally?
  • During transportation will the chain of custody as well as my assets be secure?
  • Can I be assured that when assets leave my facility that all my data regardless of what media they are stored in will be protected and my corporate reputation will be secured?
  • Does the vendor I chose have a complete audit trail of the assets they take procession of?
  • Is the vendor I choose environmental credited and regulatory compliant as well as any sub-contractors they use?
  • Does the vendor I choose have the recycling expertise and equipment to extract maximum value from my assets and still comply with local, state and federal regulations?
  • Does the vendor I chose have routine audits of their downstream and sub-contractors?
  • Does the vendor I chose have the remarketing capability for the type of assets they are disposing of to return the maximum value to my company?
  • Does the vendor I chose provide complete reporting and is it easy to access the information?
  • Does the vendor I chose allow onsite facility inspection visits and customer audits?